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Core Values

At Aspire, we take Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility seriously as these are the engines to earned business growth. Corporate Ethics are about following the rules, but fundamentally, we want to be honest in everything we do. Our employees and every new hire, especially Millennials, expect transparency, social responsibility and respect. Who we hire today impacts our level of success 10-50 years from now.

The themes and takeaways from the 2017 Global Ethics Summit held in New York City, and the 2017 Global Anti-Corruption, Compliance and Ethics Summit held in Lisbon Portugal include:

• A culture which tolerates misconduct, or worse encourages it, results in high turnover, lower staff morale, a tarnished reputation and ultimately, makes sustainable success nearly impossible to achieve.

• Moral Courage is always about doing the right thing no matter what the counterpoints may be. This leads to consistent ethical decision-making.

• Human conduct across the enterprise is about right vs. wrong, motives and outcomes. 

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